ER 1.8t Turbo Inlet Pipe
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Tip Model-Year

  • B5 A4 1.8t (1996-2001)
  • B6 A4 1.8t (2002 Only)
  • B6 A4 1.8t (2003-2005)
  • B5/B5.5 Passat 1.8t (1998-2005)

Key Features:

  • Made from high grade 6061 aluminum piping
  • 100% TIG welded
  • Mirror polished finish or optional Type III Hard Black Anodizing (for stealth) finish
  • Increase throttle response
  • Increase turbo spool up
  • Factory rubber turbo inlet hose is prone to "collapse" during high boost, causing restriction and robbing top end power. The full aluminum metal pipe prevents this
  • Compatible with K04, GTRS and similar turbo upgrades
  • Maintains ALL factory components
  • Includes all hardware needed to install
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

As the turbo begins to spin and build boost pressure, the vacuum pressure created before the turbo starts to increase as well. With more boost, this vacuum pressure increases exponentially. The factory turbo inlet hose sits right before the turbo and is made of flexible rubber. With vacuum, it starts to "collapse" into itself (imagine a full ballon getting the air sucked out). Thus, the inner diameter of the factory inlet hose starts to shrink and get smaller. The more boost pressure, the more vacuum is created in front of the turbo. This creates a big problem as at peak boost, the factory inlet hose's inner diameter is at its smallest (due to highest vacuum), however at peak boost, it needs to be at its largest size to feed air to the turbos. The turbo starts to choke as its having a more difficult time pulling air through it (due to the collapsing factory turbo inlet hose) and thus slows down the turbo spool time, negatively affecting throttle response and potentially decreasing top end power potential. With factory boost pressures, this is not big problem as the factory turbo inlet hose is designed to at least withstand the vacuum pressures produced. However, with increased boost pressures with chip upgrades and even turbo upgrades, this problem will begin to surface. On some instances, the factory turbo inlet hose may completely collapse and soffocate the turbo, causing the engine to run extremely rich and stall the engine.

The ER turbo inlet pipe (TIP) was designed to solve these issue completely. Made from 6061 aluminum metal (lightweight, yet strong) the diameter of the piping stays the same regardless of the vacuum pressures present and thus impossible to collapse. This ensures that there is sufficient airflow to the turbos, especially at peak boost levels where vacuum pressure is at its peak as well. The benefits? Faster spool times, increase throttle response and higher sustained power levels.

The ER TIP is compatible with the factory K03 turbos as well as the K04 and GTRS turbo upgrades. Our TIP is also designed for versatility as one pipe is compatible with ALL of these turbos (requires changing of the silicone hose size). Please specify which turbo you have when ordering to receive the correct silicone hose size.

Compatible with the factory 1.8T MAF sensor (2.75") or upgraded 3" MAF sensor. 

The ER TIP is available in 2 different finishes: mirror polish and Type III Hard Anodized Black. Mirror polish, the standard finish, is ideal for those who want to brighten up the engine bay. The Type III Hard Anodized Black finish is ideal for those who do not want the extra attention. Extremely stealthy, it will blend into the engine bay and look like the factory turbo inlet hose. The Type III Hard Anodized finish also has an added benefit of hardening the aluminum tubing for even more strength.

Quality is very important to ER. They do extensive R&D as well as beta testing to ensure this (as some of you may already know, waiting for ER to release the production units). ER only releases their products once they feel they have reached perfection. Their TIPs come with beaded edges. This beaded edge prevents the TIP from slipping off the connection. ER includes detail instructions and ALL parts needed for installation. All ER products are backed with their Limited Lifetime Warranty.

  • Item #: ER-AU-INT

ER 1.8t Turbo Inlet Pipe

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