Density Line Control Arm kit - Audi B6/B7 A4/S4
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Its ok, your undercarriage just needs a little work, and it won't require any cream and you're not the only girl on the block, this is a common probmlem with B6/B7 A4/S4 chassis cars.

Fix it once and for all with a complete Density Line kit of all front suspension links. No, these are not parts for 7 cars which it may appear, your car really uses this many links to create the sharp handling and buttery smooth ride, just make sure they are tight for slop free, fresh handling.

Save a ton of money by buying the complete kit over piecing together parts. Exceeds OE arm quality, 034 Motorsport went to an OE supplier for Audi and had them make arms for them to their specifications. Bushings feature slightly sitffer durometer rubber for crisper handling and longer life. 034 Motorsport went direct to the source for an improved product, by cutting out several middle men, they can offer you a higher quality part at an exceptional savings.

Don't be fooled by cheap Chinese Ebay arm kits, our arm kits are the real deal and we stand behind them with a 1-year replacement warranty from the time of purchase*.

NOTE 1: Hardware kit with all new nuts and bolts is now included. Only what is pictured is supplied, only "stressed must replace" hardware is included wtih this kit. New hardware for the sway bar end links is not supplied in this kit.


*NOTE 2: To ensure a long life for these control arms, when they are installed, it is IMPERATIVE that the suspension be compressed to statis ride height before any suspension pivot bushings are tightened.  If this is not done, bushings will tear as the twisting forces on them will be much higher than is intended.  If you have any questions about this, please contact us to verify, if this is not done any warranty will be voided.


  • Solid Tie Rod Ends (pair)

  • Item #: 034-401-1004

Density Line Control Arm kit - Audi B6/B7 A4/S4

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