Apikol B5 Audi Transmission mount
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Mounts will fit all B5 chassis 4 and 6-cylinder cars including Passat, A4/S4, note, only fits passenger side of 1.8t cars, please visually verify your application before you order.

This performance transmission mount will ensure that your transmission is not moving around, providing a much better overall driving experience.
  • Helps to alleviate drivetrain movement(clunks when shifting and transitioning on and off the throttle
  • Eliminating drivetrain movement restores your vehicles crisp, tight feel
  • Sold Individually

  • Options:
  • Street Bushings (Blue)
  • Race Bushings (Red)
  • Apikol Rear Cross Member Bushing Kit (Street or Race)
    • Item #: A-09A02130

    Apikol B5 Audi Transmission mount

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