Repair/update harness, Audi/VW 1.8t 4-wire Coil
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The VW and Audi 1.8t engine, due to the proximity of the coils on the valve cover near the exhaust, suffer from harness degredation. This is surprisingly common on cars less than 5 years old. The dealer recommends replacing the entire engine harness for over $1200.

034 Motorsport harness solution uses automotive grade wiring and harness building materials designed to withstand years of abuse and offer an affordable, elegant solution.

12 wires need to be cut and crimped onto the OEM wiring, simply assemble the DT connector and plug the rest in.

Installation instructions can be found here: 1.8T Coil update install instructions.pdf

  • Item #: 034-701-0004

Repair/update harness, Audi/VW 1.8t 4-wire Coil

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