034 Motorsport Turbo Inlet Hose
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Designed as a high performance replacement for the longitudinal 1.8T with GTRS/GT2871R Eliminator turbo along with a 2.75" ID TT225/VR6 MAF housing. Constructed from high quality, automotive grade silicone using 4-layers of reinforced nylon - this hose will not collapse under extreme vacuum.

The intake hose is 3" at the MAF and 2.5" at the turbo inlet, it features provisions for all factory DV, PCV, vacuum lines. Perfect fit with the TT225 MAF housing inside the factory airbox, or any aftermarket air intake.

Includes new hose clamps!

This hose, along with the 2.5" compressor inlet upgrade, is crucial when attempting to make over 240WHP.

Note: Does not include TT225 MAF housing


  • 2.5" compressor inlet adapter for the GTRS/GT2871R Eliminator Turbo.
  • Item #: 034-145-A045

034 Motorsport Turbo Inlet Hose

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