Clutch Masters Clutch Kit - TT RS 2.5L Turbo 6-Speed
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Clutch Masters is proud to introduce our new FX-series performance clutch kits and flywheel for the 2.5L Turbo 6-Speed Audi TT RS models. The new FX-series kits feature a High Leverage self adjusting pressure plate, performance disc, and alignment tool. Light weight single-mass steel flywheels sold separately.

Kits include the following:
High-Leverage™ S/A Pressure Plate
Performance Disc
Alignment Tool


High-Leverage™ Pressure Plate

The Clutch Masters High-Leverage™ pressure plate provides an increase in clamping force while still maintaining a soft pedal feel. The High-Leverage™ design reduces the amount of load against the crankshaft, minimizing thrust bearing wear, and crank walk. Clutch Masters begins with a self adjusting  pressure plate and incorporates our signature High-Leverage technology in order to achieve maximum clamping force without having to compromise peddle feel. Clutch Masters High-Leverage technology has been proven to be the best method of achieving a high clamping force in the clutch industry.


Performance Disc:

The Clutch Masters performance disc utilizes our signature 4 large spring carrier to reduce the amount of shock and impact during engagement. A variety of materials are available to ensure you have the best setup for your application and to best suit your needs. Marcel or “cushion” is also incorporated on Clutch Masters performance disc to reduce chatter and offer a smoother engagement.Clutch Masters also offers the option of a rigid disc to work with the factory OEM DMF.


 Kit does not include a throw-out bearing, option to add Clutch Masters High Performance Hydraulic Bearing kit 

FX100 (Stage 1)

  • Sprung hub/cushioned disc
  • Steel backed organic friction material

FX250 (Stage 2.5)

  • Sprung hub/cushioned Steel backed disc
  • Steel backed Organic/Fiber Tuff friction material

FX300 (Stage 3)

  • Sprung hub/cushioned disc
  • Steel backed Segmented Carbon/Kevlar

FX350 (Stage 3.5)

  • Sprung hub/cushioned disc
  • Fiber Tuff friction material

FX400 (Stage 4)

  • 6-button or 8 pad
  • Ceramic friction material
  • SFI Approved on most race applications

FX450 Feramic (Stage 4.5)

  • 6-button
  • Feramic friction material
  • SFI Approved on most race applications


Torque Rating at the Flywheel

  • FX100 - 400 ft lbs
  • FX250 - 425 ft lbs
  • FX300 - 475 ft lbs
  • FX350 - 490 ft lbs
  • FX400 - 575 ft lbs
  • FX450 - 640 ft lbs

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Clutch Masters Clutch Kit - TT RS 2.5L Turbo 6-Speed

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